Delightful Customer Communications

AI-driven Omnichannel Cloud Communication-as-a-Service

Cogno LiveChat

Allow Live Agents to connect with Customers across all Digital touchpoints

  • Omnichannel

    A purely omnichannel live agent chat experience. Customer can connect with an agent through any digital touchpoint - Web, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and many more! A seamless omnichannel chat experience for the customer and the agent!

  • Enhance Agent Productivity

    Increase Agent Productivity multifold through Fast Messaging Intuitive Interface, Canned Responses, Private Notes, Agent Group Chat, and many more features! The agent live chat console is mobile responsive - making it easy for agents to even use it on the go!

  • Smart Agent Assignment

    Auto-assign conversations to agents based on their skill levels and load. Each new chat goes to the first available agent, who can respond quickly to the customer. When all agents are assigned one chat each, the next round is distributed.

  • 360 Degree View of Customer

    The agent gets a 360 Degree View of the Customer to be able to assist the customer better through more context. Get information on who your customers are, their navigation path, behavior on your site, and more to make conversations that resonate.

Cogno CoBrowse

Allow Agents to view Customer Form in real-time for contextual assistance

  • Seamless Real-Time Collaboration

    Collaborate with your customers real-time seamlessly. See their screen as they see it to assist them better through more context. Save customers from explaining the problem and spend time solving it instead. An enhanced experience for the customers that they will love, guaranteed!

  • Masking of Confidential Information

    Govern what an agent can see when customers input their personal information during a session. Automatically mask specific elements of a page, like credit card input fields, PAN, Aadhaar Number, etc. Real time digital customer experiences with good data security standards through Cogno CoBrowse!

  • No Download Required

    Cogno CoBrowse is browser-based and doesn’t require customers and the agents to download anything. No hassle of downloads, just seamless amazing experiences!

  • Contextual Assistance

    Instantly see your customer issues and assist them. Highlight the specific area of a website you are wanting to point your customer to, instantly. Chat with the customer during the session and also share documents with them in real time when required!

Cogno ChatBot

Automatically answer most common support queries using AI & NLP Bots

  • Omnichannel

    Let customers contact you using their favorite messaging platforms. A truly Omnichannel chatbot experience for your customers. Customers can chat through any digital touchpoint - Web, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, and many more!

  • Conversational AI with Multilingual Support

    Cogno Chatbot supports over 100+ languages. Create chatbots for a specific region or the whole world, Cogno Chatbot takes care of the languages in which your customers converse and responds them in their own language!

  • No-Code API Integration

    Integrate APIs quickly and easily with our No-Code API Integration module. You don’t know how to code? No problem. You can easily integrate APIs in Cogno ChatBot and make amazing chatbots fast and easy.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Understand the emotions of your customers through our advanced Sentiment Analysis system. Know whether your customers are happy, ecstatic, or they need something more. Through our Sentiment Analysis, understand what your customers feel, better!

Cogno Campaigns

Push up-sell, cross-sell, transactional messages

  • WhatsApp Marketing

    Improve your marketing endeavors by boosting user engagement through the delivery of promotional and transactional messages via WhatsApp, resulting in increased open rates and responses

  • Advanced Analytics

    With the comprehensive analytics dashboard, track your campaigns and their responses in real time, providing valuable insights to optimize your marketing efforts.

  • Campaign Scheduling

    Prioritize, Plan, and Implement your promotional campaigns way ahead of time. While you focus on more important tasks, the scheduler will send messages at the pre-defined time for you. Even on weekends!

  • Advanced Conversational AI Support

    With our end-to-end customer experience solution, ensure that the customers get responses to all their queries at any hour of the day!

Cogno Meet

Video Call to facilitate Personalized Communication with your Customers

  • HD Audio and Video

    Bring HD audio and video to your meetings. Cogno Meet adjusts to your network speed, ensuring high quality video calls wherever you are.

  • Built-in collaboration tools

    Along with an HD audio and video in meetings, Cogno Meet comes with Built-in Collaboration Tools to make the virtual collaboration even more effective. Power your meetings with real time messaging, document sharing, hand raise, screenshare, and many more!

  • Recorded Meetings

    Record the meetings and view them later when required. Very helpful in creating audit trails of meetings, which can later be checked at the time of any dispute or can be used later for quality and training purposes.

  • No Download Required

    Cogno Meet is browser-based and isn’t required to be downloaded for being used. No hassle of downloads, just seamless amazing virtual meeting experiences!

Other Key Features

  • Single Sign On

    Enable SSO for faster login to the applications. Manage all the users from a single directory, allowing only authentic people to login.

  • Secure and Scalable

    Cogno AI software suite is highly secure and scalable. It uses best security practices, is used by millions, and trusted by the leading enterprises!

  • Audit Logs

    Extensive audit logs for logging and monitoring all the user activity in the application. Prevent a suspicious activity as soon as it starts by monitoring the extensive audit logs.

  • Quick and Easy Integration

    Easy and effortless integration with your existing systems - ATS, Dialer, HRMS, RTA, CRM, LMS, and many more!

  • Role Based Access Control

    Easily manage your team by giving access to your team members based on their roles and privileges and assign only the functionality they need to do their job.

  • Advanced Reports and Analytics

    Cogno AI softwares come with Advanced Reports and Analytics for you to analyse how the users interact with the application, and optimize the user journeys accordingly.

Why work with us

Which respond to your customers right at their preferred channels

  • Dedicated Support

    We work only with large Enterprises and so, we know the importance of right support.

  • Advanced Security

    We have cleared the Information Security Clearance of some of the largest Companies.

  • Domain Knowledge

    We work exclusively in the Financial Services Sector and have the knowledge of use-cases.